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The Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests                  and                  Order of Holy Wisdom - District 15
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District 15 - Surrey

District 15 covers the Masonic Province of Surrey with its six, and soon to be seven, Tabernacles located at 5 (soon to be six) Masonic Halls.  The page showing locations, dates and contact details for each unit  can be accessed by clicking here. The first District with authority over the Masonic Province of Surrey was constituted in 1978.  This District, No. 5, held authority over Kent, Surrey and Sussex - sometimes referred to Masonically as the South Eastern Counties.  As the number of Tabernacles in each of these Masonic Provinces grew, so did the need for the District to be divided in order to manage the Tabernacles and their members more readily. The first Grand Superintendent appointed to preside over the original District of Kent, Surrey and Sussex was R.Em.Kt.Pt. F.H.C. Woolaston, at one time Assistant Provincial Grand Master of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Kent. In 1981, a new District was constituted, District No. 15.  (Surrey and Sussex), District No. 5 continuing to exist but now with authority solely over Kent.  Rt.Em.Kt.Pt. R.C. Mellowdew- Marshall was invested as the first Grand Superintentdent of the new District, 15. In 1993, R.Em.Kt.Pt. L M Froude succeeded as Grand Superintendant of District 15. In 1996, District 40 was constituted with authority over Sussex.  Froude continued as Grand Supeintendent until 1998 when Rt.Em.Kt Priest, B.F. Page was invested with authority over Surrey. Rt.Em.Kt.Pt. Ian T.D. Smith, succeeded Rt.Em.Kt.Pt. Brian Page in 2009.  Some Seven years later in 2106, with Ian Smith’s appointment to Assistant Grand High Priest, Rt.Em.Kt.Pt. Jack Love was invested as Grand Superintendent of District 15 and continues as the District’s current Superintendent. District No. 5 - Kent, Surrey and Sussex (1978) Rt Em Knt Priest  F.H.C. Woolaston District No. 15 - Surrey and Sussex (1981) Rt Em Knt Priest  R.C. Mellowdew-Marshall Rt Em Knt Priest L.M. Froude (1993) District No. 15 - Surrey (1996) Rt Em Kt Priest L.M. Froude Rt Em Kt Priest B.F. Page (1998) Rt Em Kt Priest I.T.D. Smith (2009) Rt Em Kt Priest, J. Love (2016) The six existing Tabernacles were consecrated on the dates shown below.  The seventh is to be consecrated at Glenmore House, the Surbiton Masonic Centre in October, although it will ordinarily meet at Nutfield Lodge near Redhill. Surrey Tabernacle, No. 27 31st May 1963 Saxon Tabernacle, No. 104 30th July 1983 Pride of Surrey Tabernacle, No. 184 17th September 1994 Gyldeforda Tabernacle, No. 186 24th June 1995 Chertsey Tabernacle, No. 195 30th November 1996 Holy Trinity Tabernacle, No. 212 18th May 2001 North Downs Tabernacle, No. 299 25th October 2018
The Distirct Banner This    Banner    was    acquired    in    late 2017      and      is      displayed      at      all Tabernacle    meetings    attended    by the District Grand Superintendent. The    Banner    takes    the    same    form      used   for   all   District   Banners   within the    Order,    differing    only    with    the name   and   number   displayed   on   the lower ribbon. The   upper   ribbon   shows   the   name of   the   Order   although   no   reference to    the    Order    of    Holy    Wisdom    is included.      The   logo   of   each   Order   in the   familiar   vesica   pescis    is   shown flanking each side of the banner. The       lamb       is       seen       couchant guardant ,     supporting     a     pennant with    the    cross    of    St    George,    the pole   of   which   forms   a   Latin   cross.     The   lamb,   which   represents   Christ Jesus,   the   Lamb   of   God,   rests   upon St   John’s   Book   of   Revelation   with   its seven    seals    suspended    from    the pages   of   the   book.      The   Apocalypse, as   it   is   also   known,   is   credited   to   St John   the   Divine.      Passages   from   this book     are     used     and     referred     to throughout       the       Ceremony       of Reception     and     as     part     of     the Opening       and       Closing       of       a Tabernacle. The   background   to   the   banner   is   of white    silk,    the    sides    and    base    of which     are     decorated     with     gold fringe.  

District Executive

Grand Superintendent and High Prelate Right Emininent Knight Priest Jack Love District Treasurer Illustrious Knight Priest Peter Vosser GKIP District Recorder and Hermeneutes Very Illustrious Knight Priest Peter Brown District Director of Ceremonies Very Illustrious Knight Priest Leslie Grout, PGVI Deputy District Director of Ceremonies Illustrious Knight Priest Dan Turner, PGIV